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Track Record and Continuity of Care

We have been providing care to the people of Marlborough since 2003, and have now treated well over 9,500 skin cancers. We are a strong team, having worked together for a long time – because we love what we do. What does that mean for you? It means you'll see the same team each time you come into the clinic, and we delight in getting to know each and every one of our patients as a person, not a number. As one of our regular patients you'll also have peace of mind knowing we can keep a track of your skin's changes over time.

Laser-like Focus

At the Skin Clinic Marlborough we offer a dedicated mole mapping and skin surgery clinic, so our focus is always firmly on skin cancer and related issues. That is what we do every day! We are committed to ongoing professional development and keeping up to date with the latest research in our specialised area. So when you come to us, you can be sure you are dealing with professionals who have the very precise skill set and focus you need.

Highly Trained and Experienced Medical Staff

Dr Mark Foley is a highly qualified and experienced skin cancer doctor (having worked specifically in this area for over 20 years) and is a member of The Skin Cancer College Australasia, and the International Dermoscopy Society. Our clinic nurses, Julie and Jan, are also highly skilled and have been specifically trained in skin cancer care. To find out more about our team, please head over to the Our Team page.

State of the Art Equipment

At the clinic we have all the specialised equipment required to treat skin cancers, and to provide you with both surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Dermoscopic scanning is used to assess lesions, providing you with much higher diagnostic accuracy (compared with standard assessment).

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider

For the benefit of those of our patients who are Southern Cross members, we are also an affiliated provider to Southern Cross for skin cancer assessments and treatment. We are able to arrange pre-approval on your behalf simplifying your visit.